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Dynasty trade advice - Carr/Haskins

My dynasty team is basically as set right now as it will be until training camp. But I am still looking to get a 2nd string RB to add some depth to my team. I’ve made a few offers, but no one has been willing to go with my offers. I am now looking at someone that could use a better backup QB. I am willing to offer Derek Carr and either Justice Hill or Gus E. (does it really matter which?) for D. Haskins and Jalen Richard. It seems to be a fairly even deal on the trade analyzer I consult, but can you offer me any insight? Is there any reason to buy into any level of hope that Haskins develops more into what he was drafted to be? The guy I am wanting to trade with is a Cowboys fan, so you know he hates the Redskins and that may be enough to get him to unload Haskins.

I’d buy into some Haskins hype with Riverboat Ron taking the helm in Washington. He’s worth a shot for sure.

I think these guys are the same for 2020. I think we know Carr will only be a game manager, but we don’t know about Haskins … more unknown upside potential.

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