Dynasty Trade Advice Diggs

Looking to trade Diggs in a 12 team 0.5 ppr.

Give: Diggs

Get: 1.04 (Harry) 2020 1st

Thoughts? Going rebuild and although Diggs is pretty young, I want 22-23 year olds. Is this good value?

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Almost no chance of getting Harry at 1.04 based on what I’ve seen. This is not great value in my eyes.

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Thank you! Yeah, usually he doesn’t go at 4, but my league has a huge need for RBs at the top and the top 3 guys already said they’re going RB! If I get Harry and a 2020 1st, do you think that’s good value?

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Are you in need of RBs like the other managers are? If you can get a stud WR, they usually play longer than RBs. Diggs’ value and longevity are a pretty big asset to be giving up.

I would try and squeeze another 2020 2nd out of him. If not, this is still a fair offer assuming the 2020 1st isn’t projected to be the dead last pick.

I will caveat that with this is only a good trade IF you get Harry. If you don’t get harry and end up with like sanders or montgomery or something, it would be a disappointing deal.

Yeah good point. I think I’ll offer up this trade when he’s on the clock at 1.04 and Harry is still there. He just countered with this:


Mid 2020 2nd
2019 3.1
Curtis Samuel

Don’t like this trade as much but I think it’s all he will offer.

The new deal is laughable. You’re not giving up Diggs to move up 6 spots and get some spare parts. Stick with Diggs.


New deal sucks. If that’s his offer, just move on.

late to this party, but I pass on the offer as it stands…and I do like C. Samuel. just not worth losing Diggs

Appreciate it guys! Kept Diggs :slight_smile:

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