Dynasty trade advice for Kamara

I was recently offered Guice, TreQuan Smith, 2019 1.1 and 2019 1.12 for Kamara. What do you all think?

This is a good offer imo. Trading unknown assets to acquire a proven elite asset.

Do you consider yourself a contender? Did you earn or acquire those high draft picks?

I own Kamara and was third last season. Im left with Ajayi, anderson, richard, samuels, and crowell

Ah, I misread your post.

Trading Kamara away for this return is not great. But it is a fair offer.

I would see if another team is willing to beat it.

If it helps provide context, I traded away Gallup and Sutton with 2 firsts for Kamara in return this past season. The offer you received appears to be a similar. Securing the 1.01 is nice bonus.

I would have 1.01, 1.10, and 1.12