Dynasty - Trade Advice for Recent Orphaned Team

Took over an Orphaned team in a 12 team half PPR that needs some work. I’ve got capital in TE spot shape that can help improve RB and younger QB.

Current proposed offer - Kittle and Fuller for Zeke and pick #1-8 (Either Lawrence or Lance should still be available at that spot, right?).

Should I look more to compete this year or build for future?

QB - Matt Ryan
RB - Sanders, Connor, Singletary, pollard, Wilson Jr
WR - Sutton, Cooks, Fuller, Boyd, John brown, TY Hilton
TE - Kittle, Fant,

Picks # 1-3 & #2-5 in rookie draft

I’d hang on to Kittle. I think Zeke is going to crush it this year, but honestly Kittle is your best receiving threat and worth hanging on to. Maybe package up Fant with Pollard, Wilson Jr or TY and see what you can get. But make no mistake the wolves are after Kittle.

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This team looks like it’s going to be hard pressed to win this year. Doesn’t make sense to trade for Zeke though in a rebuild.