Dynasty Trade Advice: Full PPR

Thoughts on trading Mike Evans for DJ Chark and Darius Slayton? In need of some WR depth…

My core right now is: OBJ, Mike Evans, Sutton, Diontae Johnson, Marvin Jones, Lazard

2 WR, 3 FLEX

Start how many? Will the guy take OBJ instead?

2 WR, 3 Flex

For that offer, it’s possible.

Slayton and Chark are solid, I would try to get something else thrown in as well to move OBJ or Mike Evans, like a late 1st or early second…just gives you a little more value if slayton or chark fall of there production…Also, I think Cleveland has way to many mouths to feed, esspecially after bringing in hooper…OBJ, Landry, Chubb, Hunt, Hooper. Solid offense obviously if the pieces align but i like evans > obj

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Thanks for the help! I agree, I think they’re both solid but I think I can get a little more.

To be honest, I think you’re already getting great value for Mike Evans. Chark and Slayton are both in great positions with young QBs who they get to build chemistry with. Chark has the Stash who is willing to sling the ball down in Jax. Slayton’s situation isn’t AS GOOD as the situation Chark is in, but it’s still a great situation. That Giants offense has the capability to be something people are thinking of this year. Barkley paired with Jones and Slayton as a downfield threat is going to be great. I’d happily trade Evans for two young studs like Slayton and Chark


I would take that trade as is and I would also hold OBJ. I am not high on Evans and I think OBJ will return to form. Despite all the haters, he had a fine season. Just low on TD. If he had even 3 more that’d made a big difference. But that is just me on the OBJ side of this.

Evans I think is due to fall down this year. I do not think TB12 is going to keep him as important as folks think. DJ Chark and Slayton are young with awesome profiles. The work we saw them put in was enticing, and I think they step forward again this season. You are getting good depth and most likely the top 2 WR on their teams for a guy who is not the clear WR1 on his own team with a QB that does not have Winstons DGAF mentality.

IMHO, you take that. I would see if you can squeak a 2nd or 3rd in there. Go next year for a 2nd and it likely flies. But I would take that deal if it were me. Hope this helps at all!

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