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Dynasty Trade Advice HELP!


I’m torn between this dynasty trade. Any advice would be appreciated. Give up Ty Hilton and 3rd round rookie draft for Doug Baldwin and a 1st round rookie draft. Draft positions are not set yet, since it is inverse order of end of season standings. HELP


Can you afford the downgrade (though not huge) at WR? If TY is your #2, or even better your flex, the appeal of the draft pick upgrade makes sense. If you rely on the extra couple points you get from TY, who scored 11 more points than Baldwin in my PPR league last year, don’t do it.


I’d do it. TY is great but the not in a separate tier above Baldwin. That 1st could be a very solid pick in this year’s rookie class


That is a great deal! Baldwin is great, reliable and you might be getting a future superstar to boot.


Absolutely. I think its VERY possible Baldwin finishes above TY this year anyway. Lucks shoulder is no guarantee either. To me, someone is swapping a WR in the same tier and just giving you a 1st round pick. All day!

If I told you you can have two firsts or a first and a third in next years draft. What would you take?