Dynasty Trade Advice: Keep Trubisky or Winston?

12 team SuperFlex league PPR. Scoring is RB friendly.

Just jumped into a league and was part of their dispersal draft. I came out of the draft with 3 solid Qbs and good RB Depth. Another league mate is selling Zeke, and wants a QB+RB.
Rodgers, Winston, Trubisky, Taysum Hill, Geno Smith
D.Cook, Hunt, Henry, Jamaal Williams, Latavius Murray, Lynch, Walton, Booker, Jackson, Juszczyk.

Given Tampas Coaching situation, I am loving Winston right now. Do I sell Winston or Trubisky? Thinking of sending Henry over to him. What do yall think?

I don’t see any chance of someone accepting Trubisky and Henry or Winston and Henry for Elliot.

To answer your question though, I’d keep Winston.