Dynasty trade advice - Kupp/Sutton

I could make a trade to acquire Cooper Kupp for Courtland Sutton and a 1st round rookie draft pick.

I think Sutton could have a decent year this year, and i’m a little worried about Kupp bouncing back from the ACL. is Sutton and a 1st too much for Kupp?

…Also its a full PPR, 10 team dynasty, with 5 round rookie draft.

I personally would not do this trade. While Courtland Sutton does have high upside, this upcoming rookie class is weak for WRs and RBs so the 1st round pick does not have a ton of value in my opinion. The only condition I would accept this trade is if you’re that afraid Kupp won’t come back strong, in which case you’re basically unloading him for a WR with definite WR1 upside.

to be clear, i would be giving away sutton and the 1st round pick, and getting Kupp.

so you think i should take Kupp?

Oh! Totally misread that. Hmm, do you think the trade would work Sutton for Kupp straight up? I think the upside of Sutton paired with the uncertainty of Kupp makes that a fair trade. You could possibly then keep your 1st round pick :slight_smile:

But flipping the position now that you have Sutton, I personally wouldn’t do the trade because I think Sutton’s upside outweighs the uncertainty around Kupp.

Yeah, That is the way i was leaning as well. i offered him Sutton and a 2nd round, but he refused, said he needed a first.

Guess i’ll sit tight on Sutton and cross my fingers that Flacco can get him going! (ugh)

I would not be buying/paying up for a Ram WR. Buy the cheapest LAR WR you can.