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Dynasty trade advice old for new

10 Team 1/2 PPR

I give Bell, Julio, 2.10
I get Sutton, Singletary, 1.09 and the 2.09

I have studs at RB (CMC) and WR (D. Parker) I’m looking for youth…
Giving up too much?

Do you consider yourself a contender?

From a value perspective I much prefer the Sutton/Singletary/1.09/2.09 side of the trade. However, this side is more reflective of a rebuilding team.

I somewhat take issue with your comment “I have studs at … WR (D. Parker)” Parker brokeout in 2019 but I would have a hard time classifying him as a Stud.

You’re right on a Parker front. I won this past season, so yes, I’d still consider myself a contender. That said, better year too early than a year too late on stars that could decline. I’m also carrying Slayton, Samuels, and Hollywood Brown, so I have a dearth of young talent and one or two of them could hit.