Dynasty trade advice? PPR league

12 team Full PPR
1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2 FLEX

QB: Stafford, Rivers, Teddy Bridgewater

RB: McCoy, Penny, C. Thompson, M. Berida, Wayne gallman, C. Proise, D. Henderson, K. Ballage, J Kelly

WR: OBJ, Tyreek hill, Diggs, will Fuller, N. Agholor, Tyrell Williams, Sterling Shepard, Kelvin Benjamin, DeSean Jackson, Willie snead, Trequan smith,

TE: Njoku, McDonald

So this is my start-up draft. Obviously i have great depth at WR but my RBs are not great.

Here are a couple trades i have been offered. Would you take either?

Trade #1

I receive Mark Ingram and Theo reddick
I give up Sterling shepherd and Nelson agholor

Trade #2

I receive Robert woods and 2019 first round pick.

I give up Diggs

Would you do either.?? Also any specific RB you would target and who from my WR or RB would you give up…

Pretty new to dynasty… So thanks for any advice.

Trade #1
This all falls on whether you think you can complete for a championship this year. If you are a contender, I do this trade. If not, I prefer Shepard and Agholor.

Trade #2
I’m holding Diggs unless someone wants to overpay. This is not an overpay.

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Neither does much to solve your RB problem, even Ingram has a four game wait and Riddick will never start for you.

I’d target someone with guaranteed volume. Go for someone like Guice or potentially Royce freeman, before they get the training camp hype.

Don’t trade Diggs.

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@robert_michael @fun4willis
Prob can’t win this year unless i upgrade.

Owner really wants diggs… He is offering mckinnon +

Would you take mckinon + anything from his roster?

If you can’t win now, don’t dish Diggs. He’s an upside longterm guy anyway. Mckinnon could be somewhere else next season, and he’s 26. I’d keep Diggs, there’s a reason the owner wants him so bad. He’s a great dynasty asset.

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Fully agree with what @robert_michael and @fun4willis say here based on your roster I’m noting doing trade 1 and Diggs is only worth it for an overpay.

I might try and talk to owners with WR needs and see if you can’t get a mid to low end RB1for Hill, if someone has a ‘safe’ team and could use a big play type of guy I’d look at their RBs too. Failing that I’d go for Guice or Freeman plus for Hill but try for a proven asset first RBs ranked 7-12 range as that owner likely went back to back RBs and won’t have the strength at WR so should have a need, someone like Hunt, Cook, Gordon, CMC, Mixon

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