Dynasty trade advice request :: Saquon

Manager with Saquon put him on the block and is super-frustrated with him. I asked what kind of value he’s looking for, and he said “a decent RB and WR.” Below are my relevant/start-able RBs & WRs along with league details.

Would you try to make a deal? If so, which RB + WR would you pair together?

League details: 12-Team SF 3WR PPR Dynasty

RBs: Gibson, Mixon, Damien Harris, Ty’son, McKissic

WRs: CeeDee, Godwin, Cooks, Diontae, Shenault, Aiyuk

Start with McKissic and Shenault, and work your way up.

I like it. What’s the most you would give up for Saquon?

On your team? Probly any combination of your last two RBs and your last two WRs.