Dynasty Trade advice

12 team PPR Superflex. Offered Tyreek Hill, 2.02, and 2.05 for Terrelle Pryor, 3.06 and 4.06. Having a hard time deciding if it’s worth it. I’m pretty thin at RB so the early seconds would be nice to grab up some guys. I also have the 1.06 and 2.06. Your thoughts are appreciated!

Who are your WRs? Pryor probably has the more consistent floor but if you have players who can provide that, then the boom bust quality of Tyreek is less problematic to take on and the higher picks would obviously be helpful (also they provide great potential for you to trade down in draft when someone really wants a guy)

We’ve got 25 man rosters. My others are Doug Baldwin, Tyler Boyd, Antonio Brown, Pharoh Cooper, Taylor Gabriel, Marqise Lee, and Emmanuel Sanders. However my RB’s are Josh Ferguson, Jordan Howard, Ty Montgomery, Latavius Murray, and AP. So I have Howard as a sure fire starter. All the others are question marks.

I’d take Hill and the higher picks for sure in your situation.


I appreciate the input Sir! I’ve been leaning toward it, but I like Pryor in Washington’s throw heavy offense. Just needed some other opinions to help make the decision.

Happy to give it! I absolutely agree on Pryor’s opportunity, but with your WR corps you can afford some volatility from Hill, with his upside to win a week. Plus you’re positioned to get some good rookies and manipulate the draft with that caché of high picks

I would personally prefer the Tyreek Hill side of the trade. While most people expect Pryor to have a somewhat better season this year than Hill, I don’t think people would be shocked if Hill ended the year ahead of Pryor. With that in mind, Tyreek Hill is 23 and Pryor is on a one year deal playing his age 28 season. Straight up, I’d prefer Hill over Pryor if I wasn’t banking on Pryor as an absolute weekly starter this year for a championship competing team. So to upgrade a 3rd and 4th rounder to two 2s seems like great value.

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Thank you Jason! I love the show and the fact that you guys are on here interacting with your listeners! I’m with you on Hill possibly ending up better off than Pryor, particularly long term. If this is Smith’s last year and Mahomes turns into the gunslinger they expect, could be a good situation moving forward.

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How would you feel about this same trade giving Doug Baldwin instead of Pryor, all other things equal?

Doug Baldwin has MUCH more value than Pryor. Baldwin has been top 10 two years in a row, is the clear #1 for his team, is in a contract for several more years, and has a long term QB in place. Literally none of those things are true of Pryor. I would keep Baldwin if that was the deal.

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Another trade I’m thinking of throwing out there. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Give: Adrian Peterson, Taylor Gabriel, Emmanuel Sanders

Get: Isaiah Crowell, Breshad Perriman, 2.01

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I’d like that trade if I were in your position.