Dynasty Trade Advice+++++

Just got offered :

Fournette + 1.07
Zeke + 2.02

12 Team 1/2 PPR

I’m HUGE Cowboys fan so it’s hard for me to value this lol.

Here’s my roster:

And here’s my draft picks:


I much prefer Zeke side based on value alone.

What other picks do you have? Do you have the 1.02 as well

I have the 1.12.

My pick is the 1.04 but I don’t own it.

I’d want a better pick honestly, zeke to fournette value is a bigger jump then 5 picks in the draft. You could still get a great player at the 2.02 and 1.12 like Cam Aker, Jalen Reagor, Justin Jefferson, especially with how old your team looks I’d be looking to keep zeke for the stability he provides week in and week out. I’m a jags fan and love fournette but they are in a full rebuilt and may draft a RB in the next year or two instead of signing back fournette. Definitely look into trading Julio as he only has probably 2 years of superstar production left, the longer you wait the more hesitant someone will be to trade for him. Maybe wait until the combine when the 2019 rookie hype dies down and the 2020s get all the buzz, may be able to get some good pieces and 2021 picks

Sorry that was a lot but I’m in a similar team situation with Julio and similar picks

I’d keep Zeke here. I’d have to have a top 3-5 pick at least to consider moving him for Fournette. With you sending the 2.02 back the guy is moving back 7 spots and upgrading from Fournette to Zeke. That’s a huge win for him imo.

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Ok, so I dunno why I shared the link to my 2019 roster. My apologies. I have edited my original post to include my current roster. I actually did end up trading away Julio for the 1.12 and 2.02.

I also edited my original post to include my draft picks