Dynasty Trade Advise NEED HELP QUICK

Looking to trade away Ingram because I have a bad feeling he won’t be a Saint next year and he’s 29. I have depth in a PPR league… (Kamara, Duke Johnson, Jordan Howard). What I don’t have is a decent receiver. (Jeffrey, D Bryant, Crowder, Lee, Golladay). So I offered the following trade:

Ingram + Crowder

I know people think Ballage won’t take the job from Drake but I have a feeling he may be the next breakout RB. Also cooks is young and consistent. Also not even sure he will take the trade do you think its worth offering Jeffrey instead or picks?

If he takes that trade, I would do the trade and this is coming from someone who has zero belief in Ballage as a feature back in the NFL. Personally think he sucks and doesn’t play at all to his size. His upside is a scat back at best and no chance he takes job from Drake who is a superior runner.

I also don’t believe in Crowder at all and honestly don’t get the hype. Have seen nothing to suggest he is going to be the PPR stud everything thinks he will be.

You also own kamara so stacking kamara nd ingram isn’t really that great. I’m aware that worked last year but still a risk of whether or not it happens this year.

Definitely wouldn’t offer Jeffrey and Ingram, that’s too much.