Dynasty Trade at 0-4

I am currently 0-4 in Dynasty due to a combination of injuries and bad luck (lost week 1 by 1.5 and week 2 by .04) I was just offered a 2020 1st round and 2 2020 second rounders for Watkins and Guice. My RBs would be Kamara, Carson, Singletary, Jamal Williams, Raheem Mostert. I currently have no picks in the first round of 2020 due to trading for Carson. WRs are Juju, Dj Moore, MVS, Watkins and then rookies Keesean Johnson and Paris Campbell Any ideas

I don’t think that’s a bad trade at all! Watkins will definitely take a backseat to Tyreek whenever he’s healthy and Watkins literally never makes it an entire season without some injury. I would capitalize on him now. Guice…his NFL career may legitimately be done. I’m not sure he has any knees left.

Yes do this trade immediately