Dynasty: Trade away Hunt and Hardman for Edleman

I want to win now and I have a ton of picks. I am good at RB. I think Edleman will be great for the next two years. No matter his QB. Thoughts?

I personally wouldn’t, I would look to trade some of your depth/picks for higher level players. At least in my league, Edelman was much easier to obtain

I would not do that. Edelman is old and we really have no way of telling if he would be good without Brady. Hunt and Hardman are just too young and high potential to give up for an older WR that we have no way of telling if he will be good without Brady.

Also got to remember that Hardman has Mahomes. Although he’s not his top option, any WR with Hardman’s skill set with Mahomes throwing to him has high potential.

don’t forget, Sammy might not be kept by KC. That would bump Hardman’s stock. Hunt is on the block as well and could end up somewhere that he gets more run. I would sit tight.

IMHO there is no way I make that move. Hunt is headed somewhere (this season or next) and will see his value rise do to better usage. Hardman will pick up work as I think Watkins is donezo in KC. Edleman is getting old and who knows what NE will even look like come week 1. I do not think he will be great no matter who the QB is up there. I think that is a trap. Could he be? Sure. But it is no lock.