Dynasty trade Bell and Brown

I own Bell and brown in my dynasty league.

I have just been offered two first round drafted picks, dalvin cook and Josh Allen.

Picks are a top 4 pick and number 7 pick.
I already have a top 4 pick and I just want to get Metcalf in the draft.


It might be a good time to sell Bell and Brown. They could both be very productive next year, but almost certainly less so than they’ve been in Pittsburgh, and I’d expect both to decline in production pretty soon. I wonder how much LeVeon cares about football, probably won’t get maximum production this season coming in rusty, next year he’ll be What 28? and Brown will be 31 on surely a worse offense than he’s been on. I like Cook a lot, maybe you could package picks to trade for another starter?

How many team league? Kind of effects values of guys like Cook/Allen in a deal like this? And is this a std or ppr league?