Dynasty trade, better value?

What side has the better value?

Thielen, Hakeem Butler , J white, L Miller & 2020 1st round & 3rd round
Robby Anderson , C Samuel , Guice and Mack

10 team league, ( half PPR)

this trade isn’t even close in my opinion…side getting thielen appears to be a huge winner.

thielen + 1st > anderson/samuel/guice/ & mack alone adding the others is just a bonus

Thielen side by far !!! With all the player you’ll receive, your about to built a Championship team ! But with draft picks you receive also, you will be ready to built for the futur (+butler)…

I’m a notorious Thielen hater (yes, clearly because he’s white, hahaha) and I love my RBs… the Thielen side wins, but if Mack and Guice do what they’re capable of doing it could look much different next year