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Dynasty trade blockbuster


David Johnson and 2018 2nd

Dalvin Cook, derrick Henry, Jamison crowder

Current starting lineup is

My rb3 is derrick Henry or Dalvin right now, is all of this worth DJ??


I would do that. You are currently hoping that either Cook or Henry becomes a superstar like Johnson, who is the bird in hand and the best player in the league (in my opinion). And I’d think the value of a '18 2nd is right for Crowder. Combining D. Johnson with Luck, Gordon, Gilly, Odell, Sammy, Martavis, Ebron…I really like your team. My two cents.


I think this trade is a positive for both teams. No winner and no loser which is okay sometimes. I like your team but your RBS have a potential to not live up to potential a la Gilly in NE. You will definitely add depth and hope Cook or Henry pan out to be DJ level talents. I personally love Crowder this year so that another nice addition. If you are planning for the future you did the right move, if you want to win this year, keep DJ…just my thought.


I would easily give that up for a top 3 RB. You have the depth to lose Crowder, and while Cook and Henry are enticing, they can easily finish the year as RB3s or later.

If other teams are stacked and you are not a contender this year, the value is still on the DJ side even without the pick, so you can trade him for more in-season.