Dynasty trade Calculator

What trade calculator do you guys use? looking for one that works well and is easy to use

I have used the following:

Don’t love either of them. Just use as a test.

There is also FantasyPros Dynasty Trade Value Chart. Some values I agree with and some are completely wrong IMO.

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i dont, and wont. i tried it and found the calculators always telling me that trades are way off when i see them as pretty even or even tipped the other way than it was saying. i find them unreliable. only thing i use them for is to get people who do use them to accept a trade cause it says so.

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Also like @fun4willis I take a look at the dynasty trade charts on Fantasypros. Mike Tagliere updates them monthly.

I strictly use them as just a baseline before making a trade. LIke others said, they have the tendency to be inaccurate sometimes and of course don’t take into account team need, personal preferences etc