Dynasty Trade - Carlos Hyde

I’m trying to Trade Carlos Hyde for John Ross and Montgomery. The other team wants Fitz as well. I’m thinking of walking away. Montgomery situation is uncertain as Hyde and I think I’d rather have Fitz now than trade away for the future. I have a decent shot at a title run this year but have Fitz and older QB’s. Thoughts?

Walk away. That is an absurd request. I wouldn’t even trade Fitz for John Ross and Montgomery alone.

You’re paying for the training camp hype of John Ross. There’s no way that offense can support a WR1 (Green), and RB 1/2 (Mixon) and another WR2/3 in Ross.

Keep Hyde, you can use him as a flex play. Montgomery I’m also very low on. He has zero % chance of winning the lead back role. His ceiling is a scat back / 3rd down back and I’m personally not a huge fan of drafting those guys cause making start/sit decisions is very hit or miss. I’d muhc rather own Williams out of that backfield.

I think Hyde is undervalued right now. He can easily go to another team and be a lead back after this year as well and I see him holding that starting job to start the year for a while. But if you reallywant to trade him, there’s no way I would take less than Ross + Montgomery.

Thanks. That’s basically my feeling on the request.

How realistic is your shot at a title? If it is truly realistic I’d walk away because Fitz would be too valuable for your chances that Ross nor Montgomery could fill even halfway. However, if realistically you don’t stand as big a chance it may not be all that bad to explore mixing and match maybe different players and a draft pick for Fitz?