Dynasty Trade - CMC

I’d be giving up CMC and Josh Doctson
I’d be receiving Anthony Miller, Dion Lewis, and a 2020 1st rounder

QB: Rodgers, Mariota
RB: Melvin Gordon, CMC, Tevin Coleman, Hyde,
WR: AB, D Adams, Stefon Diggs, Doctson, Garcon, Taywan Taylor
TE: Burton/SealsJones/Shaheen

Currently don’t have a first rounder in 2020, only a second.


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PPR, half PPR, standard?

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I’m not a fan of this potential deal. You would be giving up the best player in the trade.

I see Doctson and Miller as somewhat equal. Young prospects in good situations. So it comes down to Lewis and a 2020 1st for CMC. That is not nearly enough for me. You are losing out on a years worth of production and the possibility of your ROI being the 1.12 (assuming 12 teams). Lewis’ value is/should be depressed right now due to being in a time share. Or at least your should not be paying for his ceiling.


I could go either way. @fun4willis makes some good points.

Just keep in mind that BOTH CMC and Lewis are in a timeshare.

i’d stay put with what you have. Especially since it’s dynasty and McCafrey is so young


I’m sticking with CMC. If you do that trade, you’re buying too much into the hype of Miller. He’s one of my fav prospects but never pay for the ceiling of the rookie.


I’d definitely prefer CMC side.


I love trades. This one seems fair on the surface, but I would pass. This year Lewis and CMC could be a push, and even next year. But over time CMC had way more potential. I like really picks, but two years of its way too fast to know and I always like proven over unknown.

While it is not a horrible trade, and really comes down to how you like to play, I would pass this offer.

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