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Dynasty trade confusion


So i just got one hell of a trade that i cant figure out. Im pretty sure i came out on top or at least even. Its hard to tell. Amyway this is an orphaned team im trying to rebuild, and here is the trade.

I will give up russel wilson, jamaal charles, and stefon diggs.

I will get mike gilislee, james white, and randall cobb.

I already have 2 good QBs in kirk cousins and dak so i feel like russel is just a free trading piece. Kind of the same for jamaal, but he has the potential to do well… its just not great. I dont like giving up diggs tho. And in return i get the blount of last year, and the potential passing back/hand cuff for him. Along with randall cobb who can have some big games.

I dont know it seems like a slam dunk for my team since im really bad at WR and RB but i feel like im missing something here. Its just too easy lol.


I think you got the better of it. The value pieces in this trade (to me) are Wilson & Diggs (I just can’t put faith in old man JC at this point)… and then Gilly/White and Cobb.

As you said Wilson is a free value for you to trade. You’re set with Cap’n Kirk and Dak. So toss him in the trade, no problem. Diggs is certainly a shiny piece, but I personally still have trouble trusting the man who throws him the ball. Seems like that team’s offense could find itself going in several different directions, depending on how their early season goes… which just tempers my feelings toward Diggs’ likely upside.

…whereas Cobb almost has the opposite problem. He’s just a few years removed from all of us thinking he was gonna be a low-end WR1 with the best (fantasy) QB in the game. Neither of them have gone anywhere; heck they’re filming insurance commercials together! So what gives?! How is he really the 3rd option on that squad. Feels like he’s due to revert to something like a middle of the road WR2. Maybe not…

…but the meat of the trade for you is securing the New England running game after what we saw last season with Blount. And trading Diggs for the NE backfield?? No question which of those is more of a sure thing.


Yeah i just simplified it it my head and now its just a lock. Russell is free, then who would i rather want, gillislee or jammal? Gillislee. Hhow about white or jamaal? White. Cobb or diggs? Its cobb. I dont know why i hesitated. Maybe because its not my team (well, i guess it is now) and im used to making different trades. I have never had to build a team up that was this f’ed up. Seriously i thinl the reason i paused so hard now that i think about outside of travis kelce, diggs is my best player. This team ia a dumpster fire. But i kind of cant wait to put this fire out haha


This easily swings in your favor - the person getting Danger Russ Wilson probably had no solid QB to begin with so he/she is will to give up a bit to grab a solid QB who’s in a great position to do well this year.
I think your free-bees are Russ AND JC - I despise JC this year in Denver since they’re switching to a power running scheme that fits to CJ anderson a bit more and I see JC being the 3rd down back; we’ll see how the camp battles progress, though.
All-in-all this really boils down to stefon diggs for gillislee + white + cobb given the free-bees your have. I’m not a huge fan of the Pats back-field but I definitely see Gillislee being the Blount replacement, or, close to it (why else would they pay the man?!). I’m definitely wary of any WR on the vikings due to their investment in the run game this off-season and… yea…Sam Bradford isn’t going to be passing for 300+ yds a game on a consistent basis (although, he’s super efficient and doesn’t get much credit for it); The flip-side is that Aaron will likely be airing it out so Cobb has the upside potential. I’m kinda curious who your other WRs are b/c if anything you can take the gillislee/white combo and trade them for a top tier WR if they start off the season on a good note.


As of now this is what my team looks like. For last year, not horrible at rb but also not great. But three of the rbs he left me are basically replaced this year. And as you can see, my wrs are absolute shit. Its why i didnt want to Give up diggs. But yeah the plan is to make some more trades for a better wr, and pick a few up through free agency. It should be fun to see what i can do with this.


Oh man you weren’t lying! the good news is you can probably leverage
Ebron and Fat Rob/Hill for someone a bit better than Boyd/Sanu/GB (look for the samaje
or mixon owner for this) - I’d definitely wait till mid-preseason to pull the trigger on that, though. I still standby your initial trade as being a great return; Good luck with the rest of the season!