Dynasty Trade Conundrum

Was offered Keenan allen and Kenyan Drake for Jordan Howard and LeSean McCoy. Do I take it?

Take that as fast as u can… I don’t trust Howard personally and Keenan Allen will be heating up soon to many people are jumping ship on him right now. Ur getting Allen at a steal of a price… however this is where it gets tricky Shadys value sucks right now BUT if the eagles get him in a trade then his value definitely goes up… and drake well who knows what gase is thinking right now they look absolutely pathetic all in all I would take this trade.

What about Howard for Allen straight up? I don’t like Drake’s usage either. And I feel like NcCoy has better upside this season.

I would do that forsure… wouldn’t even second guess it.

My other RBs are Lynch, Lindsey, Davis and Guice on IR.

This is how I see it Howard is a rb3 right now… I think ROS he moves up to rb2 range maybe mid to high but I think more mid… I just don’t think he’s going to be that guy people were hoping for under naggys play calling.

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Cool. Thanks for the input. Gonna do the deal.