Dynasty trade decision PPR

Dynasty PPR. I have three offers on the table for Matthew Stafford. Which one should I take?

Van Jefferson for Stafford

Nico Collins, Darnell Mooney, 2024 2nd for Stafford, Gage, Jonnu

Nico Collins, Darnell Mooney, 2024 3rd for Stafford, Gage

The picks would probably be middle to end of their respective rounds. I tried negotiating sooner years but he wouldn’t budge.

Based on the offers the assumption is a single QB league. How many teams?

2024 picks are so far out that they are valued very low. Further, it is not recommend to place an evaluation on the pick (early or late) when picks are more then a year out. So much can change. I’d consider it a random pick in the round.

Do you consider yourself a contender? Or are you working on a rebuild?

I’m asking as if it’s in a vacuum.

But yes, 1 QB league, 10 teams, and yes I am a contender and the favorite to win it all but the players I am trading are players that have not and will not have a chance at the starting roster because of the depth in front of them except maybe Stafford for the bye week (still have other QBs im comfortable starting).

And yes the 2024 pick isn’t cemented but the other team is also a good team so I expect the pick will be middle to end but sure, anything can happen.

But for reference, I believe in the talent of Jonnu but not in his opportunity, I no longer believe in Gage’s opportunity, and while I love Stafford and always have, I also have Kyler and now Lance + Bridgewater and Darnold.

In regards to the players I would be trading for

I love Jefferson and his future opportunity maybe more than anyone else but I also like the potential of Nico especially with not much competition, I like Mooney but question if they will ever have a QB and I love 1st and 2nd round picks, especially when I’m giving up capital that doesn’t really have that much value to me at this point.