Dynasty trade! Deebo for the 1.04?

Deep 16 man league, .5 ppr, non SF, 2 flex league

Receive: rookie 1.04, 3.04

Send: Deebo Samuel, 2.14

My team is

Qb: Watson
Wr: Julio, hill, dk, Deebo,
Rb: Chris Carson, Gus Edwards

I have the 1.03 already

I’d do that to help your RB core. You could go RB/RB or even RB/WR and make out on that. The drop from 2.14 to 3.04 is not that steep. I like Deebo but would rather Jeudy/Lamb or even another stud RB.

Just my two cents but I’d do that.


I agree, id do it. 49ers are run first and might use #13 for another WR to pair with deebo and atm looks like your RB core could use a boost, and possibly get 2 RBs to help you.


Thanks for the advice!

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100% agree, your WRs are pretty stacked. I would make the trade and either go RB RB in the 1st and WR in the 2nd, or RB WR in the 1st and RB in the 2nd