Dynasty Trade - DHop and CPat for Saquan

Single QB PPR league…and my starter RBs are Ekeler and A.Jones. My other WRs are AJ. Brown, Chase, and Aiyuk.

I know it could blow up in my face, but Saquan is young enough with massive quad-sized upside that could really payoff too. The coaching upgrade and another year removed from his surgery…I’m looking for a pre-bounce back buy in.
Conversely, Hop is aging, coming off a knee injury of his own, and Murray is chirping trade/holdout talk. CPat is also in the over 30 club, going on a 1yr contract, and ATL will definitely start adding new young talent soon.

Gimme Barkley, right?
Like a Fox?
Or just crazy?

I’d take the Saquan side of this deal in a heartbeat. If you can get the other owner to accept go for it!

Yeah, I was actually on the receiving end of the offer…and accepted an hour or so after posting this thread.
I don’t think it’s terribly lopsided either way…upside and r

…risk on both sides

Hoping Quan shakes off the injury bug and has a banner comeback year.