Dynasty Trade - Did I overpay?

I gave up A LOT to receive Austin Ekeler in a trade. I need help understanding if it is the right move.

Received: Austin Ekeler, Justin Jackson
Traded Away: Tyrek Hill, Zeke

Here is my thinking. I am stacked at receiver and felt that I could move Hill. (I have Chase, Lamb, Pittman, Elijah Moore). And I am over Zeke and could see him falling off steeply so I paid in for the insurance back.

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I actually like this !! If you are fine at WR which looking at yours , especially how good they are at their ages !! Good trade ! I agree I think Zeke will fall away now and Ekeler ( always injury dependant though sadly ) could be a league winner !


IMHO that’s the type of trade you do make. It might be an overpay to some, but I think it looks good and ought to help you out in 22.

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I don’t really like trading for older RBs unless they are cheap fill ins or you are absolute win now. But it depends on the time frame you look at

Both Hill and Ekeler are logical cut candidates for cap space a year from now, so both to a degree are 1 year and then unknown


I think this is a good trade. I think Elliot has one decent year left, maybe….you essentially traded Hill for Ekeler, that’s fair. I believe Ek to have two to three elite years left due to his low usage.

Don’t feel too bad I gave up the farm for him this year…Antonio Gibson, my first rd pick (1.10), and Osborne for him and the Dallas d/st. It’s all a matter of perspective. It felt bad when I did it but I won the ship and have at least one more, if not two championship runs in me with Ekeler. If all else fails and my team falls apart next year I may have an asset that I could get a haul back for.

Im right on the fence about this. Even if you are stacked at WR, not sure giving up Hill at a discount is the right move. It isnt bad, but its not great