Dynasty Trade - Dixon

Would you accept this deal in Dynasty?

We just had our start up draft a few weeks ago, .5 ppr, taxi squad will be installed in year 2 with 2 spots only, but the rookie drafts are 4 rounds. I had previously acquired an additional 3rd and 4th from a different trade.

I get: 2019 1st
I give: Kenneth Dixon, 2019 3rd and 4th

1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 4FLEX, 1TE

My rb’s: Hunt, Michel, Collins, Ronald Jones, Burkhead, Rob Kelly, Corey Grant, Kenneth Dixon
My wr’s: Diggs, Cooper, Tate, Crowder, Cobb, Lockett, Allison, Ridley, Taywon Taylor, Tre’Quan Smith, J’Mon Moore
My te’s: Reed, Cook, Davis, Henry (IR)

I want to pull the trigger, what are others thoughts?

I would, you don’t especially need Dixon and you’d end up with 2 2019 1st, and still have 2nd, 3rd and 4th… rounders? That’s a good amount of draft capital for use now, in season or offseason to get any other needs addressed. Do it!

I would do that in a heartbeat. The Ravens still have Alex Collins, and it’s possible that they take carries away from each other, making both less than desirable to have. Plus you have plenty of depth at the RB to make this work for you.

Def do that trade. Dixon is only worth, in value, a 3rd? Two 3rds and a 4th in trade for a 1st is amazing value!

Thanks everyone, I pulled the trigger, the other guy had to drop a player with the deal so we just added him into the trade (Torrey Smith) . I got the 2019 3rd and 4th during the startup draft for Alfred Blue…

So overall the trades netted out to:
Give: Alfred Blue and Kenneth Dixon
Get: 2019 1st and Torrey Smith

IMO I won these overall, what do you guys think? I’ll probably end up dropping Smith for someone before the season, but I figured I might as well take him for now.


Right now I completely believe you won that trade and honestly cannot believe the other guy took it. Dixon may end up being a good RB, but right now I’m not seeing it.

Agree with @AresgodFF you have absolutely cleaned up with that trade, especially if that 1st ends up being fairly high.

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