Dynasty trade DJ Chark

I’m in rebuild mode it’s my second year in dynasty and my team ended in 7th place last year. Our draft already finished. This morning I was offered a 2022 3rd round for DJ Chark. I feel that DJ’s worth is maybe more than that but I could be wrong here is my team

DJ Chark I personally think is worth more. If ur in a big rebuild mode I’ve heard that the 2023 draft class is loaded with good RBs so maybe try and target a first round in there

@Dyslexic_Munk my thoughts exactly. I have seen that some 2023 draft picks are worth more than next years. I will see if the other guys is willing to part with a first for 2023

A third rounder doesn’t interest me. It’s a total dart and probably likelier to be nothing than match chark. I’d reject until a second rounder

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Yeah i dont think i would let him go that easy. Him and shenault fighting for that alpha in jax and you also have tlaw there to setup the stack. Id look for more.