Dynasty Trade: Ertz for Hilton

Ppr league, need WR
Trade away Ertz + 2.05
For T.Y. Hilton ?

Got Hunter Henry and ASJ
My top WR is Alshon

I wouldn’t. Not a Hilton fan and he’s not exactly young.

I almost think you could get more for Ertz but only because Hilton’s value is depressed and Ertz just won the SB. However, I would do that trade.


Hilton has been an excellent WR. Best case - Luck is back and Hilton returns to the mean. Worst case - another year with the “Beef Brisket”. Jacoby Brissett should be that much better with a full year under his belt and the team will be way better without Chuck Pagano.

I know it’s long, but read this article about the 2017 Colts.

Here is couple snippets:
“The 2017 Colts may have finished 4-12, but in their 16-game season, the Colts trailed at halftime in only 6 games. They held halftime leads in 9 games. Yet they went 2-7 in games they led at halftime.”

The 2017 Colts are the ONLY team in the last 27 years to lose at least 7 games which they led at halftime.

“Combining every down in the 4th quarter, if the Colts were leading, they went 100% run unless they lined up in 11 personnel with 3 WRs. They were the only team in the NFL to go 100% run when fewer than 3 WRs were on the field. With these predictable runs, they gained just 1.9 YPC and recorded a 38% success rate.”

For me, Hilton is a major buy right now because the 2017 coaching was terrible. With only a little variance in the 4th quarter the Colts should be better and therefore Hilton should be better too.

I don’t think trading away a difference maker at a position where there aren’t many for a WR with so many questions is a great idea.