Dynasty Trade for 2.01pick

Just traded Devonta Freeman and my 2022 2nd rounder for this years 2.01 pick. I think this draft class has a lot of depth and I don’t have a 1st rounder as I traded it away last season. What’s everyone think? Was I smart or stupid, obviously depending on who I end up with at that pick…

I don’t have any experience in dynasty but you were able to cash in on D. Freeman.
I think that’s pretty big. Personally, I think Freeman probably still has something left and will most likely end up in Seattle…maybe even Tampa. At this point, I would be willing to risk letting him go for a better prospect that could help you in the long run. So I like your move.

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I just logged back in after a long hiatus, did you draft already?
Curious to see who you got!?

I ended up eventually getting the 1.11 pick as well via trade prior to the draft… so I had the 1.11, 2.01, 2.10, 3.08.
1.11 took Vaughn… needed a decent RB prospect. The 2.01, the pick I received in the D.Freeman trade and reason behind this convo. The main guy I had been targeting all along with that pick was sitting there, Denzel Mims. But so was Pittman who I had recently developed an interest in. Ultimately went with Mims, had to take my guy even if I don’t necessarily like his landing spot in the Jets. I think he’s a heck of a prospect with a bright future and could be just what Sam Darnold needs. (And I took Pittman in the 2nd round of my other Dynasty League’s rookie draft so I got em both, let my bro have Mims after I took Pittman) 2.10 which was my only actual true draft spot I held onto, went with the future of Green Bay’s backfield in AJ Dillon, look out an move over Aaron Jones. And 3.08 I think I got a steal in another guy I was high on, Joshua Kelley! Literally got every guy I was truly targeting outside of Cam Akers that I never stood a shot at. Then also snagged Jonnu Smith in the 4th! I was very pleased with my draft results to say the least and ultimately got the guy I had in mind for that 2.01 pick when I traded Freeman for it.

Sounds like you really made out! Impressive names and all names that will probably have an impact this year. Maybe towards the second half of the year.
Way to kill it though and get some good players!

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