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Dynasty Trade for Antonio Brown


I am in a Dynasty League. I have placed last the past two years and I was offered a trade for Antonio Brown.

If I trade brown I will still have mike evans and Michael Thomas as starters but my top two RBs are forte and Martin, and no body really of note after that. I have the 1.01 so I am going with fournette to build up RB.

He has offered: 1.02(Mixon), 1.07(Hunt or Perine), 3.03(?), Lat Murray, Rob Kelley, and Drew Brees
I will give up Antonio Brown, Matthew Stafford, and the 4.01

What do you think? I am also a bit scared of creating a bit of a super team cause he would then have OBJ, Brown, and dez while his RBS are Zeke, ajayi, crowell, and Howard.

I think this trade would make my team a lot better all around and I am deep enough at WR to not miss brown that much. Do you think this is a fair deal or should I just draft fournette and hope I can get some other decent RBS in the draft to make up for my deficit at RB.


hate to break it to you, he already has a super team. what you have, is a rebuild your RB year. you need as many chances at young RBs as you can get. the good news… bryant and brown are both almost in their 30s. so his power team will only be that way for a little while longer. brown is going to lose big ben soon, so who knows what happens to his stat line. bryant has been having injury issues and a tough schedule this year. by doing this, you still keep your young studs at WR, while also building up your stable of RBs. even better, if you go cooks and perine you will own 2 nfl backfields as well with him giving up murray and kelley. so if its me, im doing it. you will still be very competitive, and you will build towards the future at the same time. its a win win.


sorry, not cooks… cook. dalvin cook. lol.


That’s a big trade. Personally, I’d be hesitant. You’re giving up a LOT. Draft picks are always tempting, but carry a lot of risk. I would be looking to move Brown in your situation, but wouldn’t do it unless I was getting some proven talent back as well (Kelley and Murray don’t count). Maybe counter with something like Brown, your second, and your forth (I assume you have the first pick in each round?) For 1.07, Dez, and either Ajayi/Howard?


I have already fished Antonio brown to every team and nobody will give me any body that is a solid or known commodity. This is the best trade offer as far as getting potential value. It really is either this trade or I just keep Antonio Brown for this year but I think if I am going to cash in on him in his prime this could be the last year since Big Ben is uncertain. I might be able to ask for some one else from his team. His team is as follows.

QB, Drew Brees, Luck, newton
RB, Zeke, Ajayi, Howard, Crowell, Lacey, Lat Murray, Spencer Ware, Rob Kelley, Abdullah, Hyde, Hill, Henry, Dixon
WR,Keenan Allen, dez, OBJ, TY Hilton, Sammy Watkins, Jordan Matthews, Breshard Perriman, Martavis Bryant
TE- Jordan Reed, Tyler Eifert

Is there someone else that you think he might go for if I asked to add to his trade to make it better for me.


I’d probably target Keenan. Maybe something like Keenan, Crow, and 1.02 for Brown and your second (I assume that would be 2.01?). That would be a very fair offer that I think would help both if you.


I would hold onto Brown for now.

Know your buying and selling windows. Sell Vets in season, buy in off season. Buy young players in season, sell off season.

Credit : http://www.dynastynerds.com/blew-startup-draft-recovered/


The above is good advice. I also meant to say don’t be afraid to walk away.


Looking at his whole team, I definitely wouldn’t do this deal. He has plenty more to offer to make it closer to an even deal. All he’s essentially giving up is depth from his roster (and deep from his bench) and draft picks which are a crap shoot which we all know, while you lose your best player. If you think Fournette ends up as what they say he is then having him & Martin isn’t a bad RB combo while you have Brown/Evans/Thomas at WR. And you’d still have Stafford.
The deal you were offered, you get Brees for a couple years and the backs you get are not starter quality. Draft picks are too much of a crap shoot. I say walk away or counter and make him give up something worthwhile if he really wants Brown.


I completely agree with the above.