Dynasty trade for chubb

50%20AM Im the one recieving cooks cook and johnson, Im thinking about accepting this but I dont really want to give up a first, Should I?

Do you know what your 2019 first is - 1.01? 1.12?

I think, either way, I’m doing this deal to get Cooks, D Cook and Kerryon.

You may want to hold off with Hunt to the Browns now

Yeah Hunt just got signed by Cleveland. Maybe try and get Chubb for super cheap now.

It appears that he already owns Chubb. I would certainly accept this now if it hasn’t been rescinded. But maybe make sure they are still ok with it so you aren’t trying to be sneaky.

You’re completely right, he owns Chubb and is trying to trade him away. The moral thing to do would be to check with the other owner prior to accepting the deal. However, accepting it now is not shady since the other guy offered it to the OP. If the OP offered this deal AFTER Hunt was signed and was selling Chubb as if he were the starter and the other owner didn’t know Hunt was signed by Cleveland, then that could be considered shady.

With that said Hunt is only on a 1 year deal and most likely will miss 6 games so idk. It puts him in a tough situation, Hunt could easily get in more trouble and Chubb take advantage, but Hunt could straighten up and easily take over the backfield. He is a fantastic back so it’s tough. I think I would hold personally.

I would accept it with Hunt or not… to get Kerryon Cook and Cooks for not that much

I agree I like all of those players more than Chubb and if I remember correctly the Vikings hired someone from the Kubiak tree to help him out.

I like this deal for you regardless of Hunt being in Cleveland now. Getting Cooks, Cook and Kerryon for not a whole lot is good for me. They could be three blue chip players for your team for a number of seasons. Losing your 1st is tough but unless you have a high pick and have a chance at getting a real stud i think you should do this deal (if still on the table) you’re getting 3 really solid players for one and the gamble of the 1st round rookie pick.