Dynasty Trade for Contending Team?

Hey everybody!

I’ve got a dynasty trade offer I’ve been considering for the last few hours and need some help deciding on. For context, this is a 10-team, 0.5 PPR dynasty league that starts 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEXes, 1 K, and 1 DST, has 14 bench spots, 3 IR spots, 4 taxi squad spots.

Someone has offered me their Kareem Hunt and Jack Doyle in exchange for my Hayden Hurst and Justin Jackson.

For some more context, here’s my roster:

Starting Lineup (8/10):
QB: Deshaun Watson, HOU
RB1: Aaron Jones, GB
RB2: Austin Ekeler, LAC
WR1: Julio Jones, ATL
WR2: DeAndre Hopkins, ARI
TE: Jared Cook, NO
FLEX1: Mark Ingram, BAL
FLEX2: Raheem Mostert, SF
K: Empty
DST: Empty

Bench (15/14):
Matt Ryan, ATL
Cam Newton, NE
Tevin Coleman, SF
Justin Jackson, LAC
Chris Thompson, JAX
Marvin Jones, DET
Brandin Cooks, HOU
Anthony Miller, CHI
Allen Lazard, GB
Miles Boykin, BAL
Randall Cobb, HOU
Dede Westbrook, JAX
Jalen Reagor, PHI
Blake Jarwin, DAL
Hayden Hurst, ATL

IR (0/3):

Taxi Squad (4/4):
Tee Higgins, CIN
Bryan Edwards, LV
Devin Duvernay, BAL
Jace Sternberger, GB

If you guys made it this far, I appreciate you taking the time to read and help.

TL;DR: I’m a contending dynasty team (10-team, 0.5 PPR league) and have been offered Kareem Hunt and Jack Doyle for my Hayden Hurst and Justin Jackson. What do I do?

Edit: I could also theoretically ask for Hunt + 2021 second round pick for my Hurst + Jackson, or maybe Hunt + 2021 first round pick for my Hurst + Jackson + 2021 second round pick to move up a round. Those are also offers I could pitch to the other owner.

Edit No. 2: The other owner wanted to move quick on a deal if we had an agreement, so I ended up doing a deal very similar to that: I sent out Hurst and Jackson to receive Hunt, Doyle, and the other owner’s 2021 third round pick. That gives me seven draft picks in the 2021 draft: all four of my own, plus an extra second round pick and two extra third round picks. That should hopefully allow me to move up the draft board and add multiple first round talents. Would love to hear what everyone thinks of this deal. Thanks!

I like it. Rivers loves his TEs so hopefully Doyle stays healthy and that could be great this year. Hunt is obviously a major upgrade over Jackson and the best player in the trade.

I love it


I would definitely try to add the pick. Doyle is solid when healthy and Hunt could smash with a full year. Hurst was a high draft pick do, the buzz and what Atlanta is known for with the TE position gives him stand alone value. Jackson is talented but he’s just a filler in this offer. Shoot for the 1st and rebuttal until you get it done. Good luck my friend.

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@Martdog88 I tried to get the upgrade from 2nd to 1st, but he rebuffed that offer, and then he also rebuffed the 2nd by itself. He did offer to include the 3rd, though, so I took that. It ended up being Hunt + Doyle + 2021 3rd in for Hurst + Jackson out.

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Still got some value your way so, congratulations. If Hunt does what he’s capable of though. :star_struck:

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Any expect of that deal would’ve been a win, Hunt’s upside is far higher than the other three players, keeping your high draft picks is even better

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@SchlaggedReceiver he was getting Hunt/Doyle/2021 2nd Or 3rd for Hurst/Jackson. The deal was nice. I just wanted to see him get that pick. No matter what it was. The value of Hunt > then the hype value of Hurst. Same, same but different :laughing:.

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