Dynasty Trade for Michel

Hello All!

I’m in a half point 12 man dynasty league. My team is listed below. I got a trade offer today of: Joe Mixon for Sony Michel and a 1st next year. The 1st could be top 5, but I’d say low odds of being a late 1st. What does everyone think?

QB: Cousins, Baker, Bortles
RB: Mixon, Coleman, Penny, Anderson, Jones, Grant, Dixon
WR: Hopkins, HIll, Edelman, Moncrief, John Brown, Tayway Taylor, Cobb
TE: Burton, Brate, Cook

I would probably pass

I’m leaning the same way. Thanks

I would take the deal. In my opinion this is a rebuilding team and not a true contender.

Would agree with the assessment that this is not a championship team as of yet. But I don’t think this is a full rebuild team. Also, even if it was, Mixon is young enough to serve as the cornerstone of the rebuild. He is younger than Michel and talent wise, probably better than who ever you are getting in next years 1.05 draft.

Thanks, your opinion is pretty close to mine. I higher than Mixon than Sony. I’ve declined the trade offer. Wish I could improve RB though

I prefer to build around known talemt. Mixon and Michel are no different, to me. Neither have put up NFL tape, that’s any good.