Dynasty trade for Mixon?

Would you trade pick 2022 1.06 and Michael carter for Mixon?

Roster: RBs are javonte/gordon and Chubb/Hunt, Carter and Penny

Wrs are deebo, ja’marr and ceedee. Devonta smith, Elijah moore and mooney.

Obviously wont get a rb at 1.06 …probably someone like jameson williams or watson…sky moore etc…

Trade worth it?

I personally wouldnt do it. The value on your return for Mixon isn’t great.

The 1.06 is good but I would push for a better RB than Carter.

I am trying to acquire Mixon…not trade him away.

My bad. Clearly didnt read very well.

It still applies trading for Mixon. Mixon owner will probably want the 1.06 and another RB other than Carter. You can dangle Penny and 1.06, since Penny crushed it at the end of the year.

I personally believe Walker will have taken over the backfield by end of year.

i don’t think its a good decision

It sounds like youre win now so I would do this for sure. Mixon is a late 2nd early 3rd round startup pick and carter is basically a handcuff at this point. hope you did it