Dynasty Trade for Mooney

I am interested in Mooney.

I would receive Mooney and a 2022 3rd

For my 2023 1st
2023 3rd
2024 2nd

Is this a good price?

I don’t play dynasty, but if you call the two 3rd round picks a push, that’s a 1st and 2nd round pick for a WR4-5. Seems awfully steep to me.

I wouldn’t say it’s a good price, but it’s worth considering if you really want him. You can try whittling down the offer, but I don’t think Mooney’s price is going to go down after this season.

And that’s my thought. I think his price is going to start sky rocketing around mid season.

The only thing is that a 1st round pick should get me a player that will help me in the now. I don’t think that Moodley is that.

Is this the price you were quoted for him? If so I’d accept his price is too steep. He has potential especially if Robinson should move on next year but you’re paying locked in starter prices for a guy that maybe takes off.

I think the highest I would be prepared to go would be a second and third rounder in separate years.

A 2nd a 3rd was my initial offer. He came back with this one…

I think I’m going to shop my 1st around for something more

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Agreed. Definitely a steep price in dynasty. Those 1st rounders are lucrative.