Dynasty trade for OBJ

Hey everybody I have offered Freeman, Robert Woods and 2 2019 first round picks for OBJ and Lamar Miller. The guy has been thinking about it habe I offered to much or not enough? Thanks for your thoughts!

That’s a good trade offer. I’d even say you might be SLIGHTLY overpaying. Considering how great the 2019 WR class should be, you could just keep Freeman and Woods (who should be a solid WR2 even with cooks), and then hopefully grab one of the top WRs with your two first rounders next year. Though if you’re deep at RB and solid at WR, I would do this trade to get you a game changing player in OBJ.

Currently I have Gordon, Freeman, Collins, Stewart, Barber, Gallman, Langford and Davis at RB and Jeffery, Marvin Jones, Funchess, Woods, Jordy, Parker, John Brown, Trent Taylor and Brue Ellington for WR.

seeing your RB depth, I’d argue for keeping Freeman and not trading for OBJ. He’s a solid RB1, while Miller could be in a committee next year (even if he’s released). You have plenty of WR depth to get you through the year, and set yourself up for a couple picks next year. Also, keep in mind

  • OBJ could be suspended
  • OBJ still has Eli Manning throwing to him.
  • Your 2019 picks will only gain more value as the season goes on and you know exactly where they’ll land. It’s possible if you wait, you could get OBJ cheaper while he’s suspended and the spots of your 2019 picks become more clear. It might only take one pick, instead of two.

Thanks! It’s my first dynasty league so I’m trying to figure values out. Not to sure exactly what to offer.
Offered the same thing for Hopkins and Drake and got rejected.

I would change your original offer from Freeman/Woods/2 2019 1st rounders to Freeman/Woods/1 2019 1st rounder (better of the two)/Jordy. OBJ is proven and super super super young which means he should be better than most incoming WRs for their careers. Jordy is aging and may be out of the league soon; but, still has name recognition. Point is, I think OBJ is more valuable than a 2019 rookie WR

I think that’s an underpay.