Dynasty Trade for Thielan. Is this too much

Been in talks with the owner of thielan. Is Moncrief and 2.08 and/or 2.12 too much.

I offered moncrief and 2.12 and he said he needs more. My trade calc already said hes getting 17% more value with just pick 2.12

Obviously thielan has been a beast for a couple years and seems as though he will continue to be. is it worth giving up potentially both of those 2nds

Let me know your thoughts.

No, it is not too much. I actually think that’s stealing. Moncrief is a 0, and two late 2nds are lottery tickets. Thielen is a stud. Take the stud.


I agree. Moncrief has never proven anything of value in the NFL. Thielan, while aging for a dynasty roster, still has plenty of wr1-2 range for the next few years. The 2nd rounders are a personal preference. Some people like the upside of rookies, others dislike the downside of unproven players.

I might not even accept the trade for moncrief and both 2’s, but you would have me think about it.

You got a guy who hasn’t really produced, and is on a new team where he could be the 2, but also could be the 4. The late second could be valuable if you need a QB or TE, but if not it’s very worth it to ship that with a meh maybe guy for a legit 2 on a high powered potential offense. Only thing that will hurt Thailands production, is if they are so damn good that they dont need to throw. I still take thielen

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hes still not biting all the way…does my 2019 2nd put it over the top and make you guys want to do it?

Im about to just offer it and hope for the best

Yep, take the weekly starter. Everything else is an unknown. Beware of the unknown…

now he countered by sending me a trade thielen for my 2.08 alex collins and martavis bryant

he wants too much

I’d counter with the picks and Bryant.

Yep agreed he’s pushing my limits

actually countered with enunwa and bryant for thielen

That’s very low .

Moncrief and a 2nd are nowhere near the same value as Theilan. Beware the trade calc that says so!

2018 2.08, Alex Collins and Martavis Bryant is probably fair value for Thielan, maybe even a little low.

Hard to say without knowing you roster and league, but if he bites on 2.08 / 2.12 / Bryant / Moncrief or Enunwa I would make that trade. To me, it is much in your favor. I would not give up A. Collins IMHO. Again, your league might have different values but I think his upside is really high.

Moving Bryant / Moncrief or Enunwa and hope for a guy that has shown to be good (I am not willing to say stud despite other forecasts), that is worth it to make line-up decisions easier. Despite Theilen being older, I think he has enough left to keep dynasty value the next 3 years at least.

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I agree with fun4willis. I would consider the Moncrief & late 2nds offer almost offensive. I’m surprised so many foot clan members think Collins, Martavis, & 2.08 is an overpay and Moncrief + any number of late 2nds is fair as much as the guys sing “hooked on a Thielen”.

Collins is probably solid but Dixon may still emerge. Martavis is talented but disappeared even when on the field last year and people seem to have forgotten he’s had the year long suspension and is one bad decision from maybe never playing again. Accept his offer and take Thielen + a FA/waiver pickup.

take that deal and run with it bro