Dynasty Trade for Tyreke Hill

I’ve been offered tyreke hill, ballage, godwin, and stills for watkins, landry, and breida in a full ppr.

I also have obj, keenan, marvin jones, and crowder. I am leaning towards letting it go as I think landry and watkins can be great this year while i think hill will regress tremendously.

Am I crazy for saying no to the potential top 10 upside of hill?

I much prefer Watkins, Landry and Breida.

This is a tough one for me. I think Hill is legitimately special. Volume is a legitimate concern, but if I’m being honest with you I don’t think he needs a ton of volume. I’m also a big fan of Godwin.

I also think Landry’s value is going to crater this year.

Idk it’s pretty close.

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We like the Cheetah as he’s entering his 3rd year and looks like he gets better by the game. Tyreek Hill is un guardable. When all said and done, this is a candidate for a future HOF’er. If Mahomes’ arm is the real deal, sky’s the limit. Forecasting an upstick in recpetions as well. He’s an animal!

im on the side that gives you way more start potential. Watkins, Landry, Breida.

watkins is the WR1 on what should be a pass happy team. that part is TBD, but he is the 1 there no question to it.

landrys path is questionable. will he get the PPR looks like he did? with taylor there, im sure of it. but with baker… thats hard to say. but even if its not like it was, he wont just disappear completely. he may just go down in value is all.

Brieda, well… its brieda. im not super excited for his talent, but it could turn into something with the 9ers. what his roll will be with shanny is TBD big time. a good potential developmental guy. which is what ballage is so its not like you are losing there.

i just like the upside overall for this side of the trade. ill take watkins, laundry, and brieda.