Dynasty Trade for Zeke

Aight guys,

Didn’t do too hot in my first year start up for dynasty. Superflex league. Basically decided it was time to start rebuilding. We all want that one stud on our team, right? Well, Zeke is my stud. I could sell him for good pieces, draft picks or players.
I’ve been eyeing another team, who has some studs that I’d be looking to get and be happy:

also, he has 3 2020 1st’s

So, there’s no real depth for him at WR. And I only got Anderson, Hamilton, & Gallup really at WR depth. Maybe Marvin Jones if you count him.
RB depth is pretty short too with brieda, edwards, james white, and both chargers backups.

What would you offer so that you feel you would win the trade selling Zeke.

I’m definitely trying to acquire 2 of those 2020 picks. I feel like you may be able to get Fournette included in there. Chubb is the preference, but with Fournette on the outs and injury history I feel like he is the more likely option between the two.