Dynasty Trade: Fournette vs Zeke

12 Teams PPR
Would you consider Fournette vs Zeke trade ?
This guy trying badly to get Zeke from me
What would balance the trade ? Adding Calvin Ridley or Sterling Shepherd with Fournette for Zeke ?

Definitely would not trade Zeke for Fournette straight up. Zeke is a generational talent with a decent young QB and an organization that is totally committed to him and the run game. He also has less injury history/risk than fournette. Wouldn’t trade for Ridley or Shepherd either. Would more than that for me to part with Zeke. Probably take an early 1st next year.


I’d need a lot more than 2 WR2s who will be lucky to get much more than 80 targets a piece to make up the huge gap between Zeke and Fornette.

For Zeke I would expect a low end WR1 or RB1, a future first and a good prospect at a minimum.

I would counter with Fournette, a 2019 1st and a rookie or 2nd year player you like.

Bare minimum. Even that feels a lit low, tbh, though I may be lower in Fornette.

i wouldnt frown at a trade like that with some more pieces. because zeke is better for sure. but im not convinced he is THAT much better. they are very comparable. both on run first teams, with good o lines, with game manager type QBs. similar size, speed, explosiveness, both love to power through guys. only thing that brings fournettes value to me is his injury history. and THATs where you get your compensation with this trade. make sure you have their backup first, then i wouldnt mind a trade like fournette and… well some other young player, maybe some picks if you think your team is good this year. i dont know what else he has so i cant make any suggestions. but this can be a sneaky good trade for you. just make sure you get your injury tax.