Dynasty trade - fournette

he footclan!
what are your general thoughts on this trade indepedently the of the remaining teams…just in vacuum!

12 team ppr

tyrell williams/rashaad penny/2019 1.07
fournette/2019 2.06

It would 100% depend on when your rookie draft is, which rookie RB goes where, who your other RBs are and the other persons roster as well. I’d rather have Fournette than Penny currently. That could change come the start of the season but I doubt it. Tyrell Williams is a FA so his value is nothing until he is signed somewhere. The 1.07 is nice but do you already have a first round pick that’s earlier than that?

Overall I don’t see an overwhelming reason to accept this trade if I am the Fournette owner. If I’m the Penny owner then I’m clearly banking on Fournette and being more valuable through 2019 than he was all over 2018 and being healthier. Additionally I’m banking on Penny not managing to take over the starting RB position in Seattle because if he did I’m not so sure I’d want Fournette over Penny anymore. Both RBs have injury issues thus far.

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I prefer the Williams/Penny/2019 1st side in almost all circumstances unless you are a “top of the food chain” contender.