Dynasty trade Full PPR 10 Team

Hello my extended fantasy family members,

Which side would you rather have?

Team A / Team B
D. Thomas WR / G. Tate WR
T. Cohen RB / D. Westbrook WR
A. Collins RB / 2019 2nd Round Pick

Team A needed some RB depth and Team B needed some WRs and draft picks.

I would rather have the A side.
DT should see an uptick in production with a solid QB this year.
Cohen has aot of upside with the possible new offense coming in this year.
Collins should still get the work load in Baltimore with the lack of cap space and needs in that team I don’t see then taking a RB early.

Im going with Team A

I would rather have side A.

The difference for me is that everyone on side A has proven themselves to some degree (despite Cohen/Collins roles not defined for 2018). Whereas Side B, Tate notwithstanding, is just potential.

I would also go with Team A. More proven talent and consistency…

Thanks for the thoughts everyone! I also liked Team A as that is the one I ended up with. But I wanted to see what others thought of it too.