Dynasty trade! Get rid of Julio?!

Should i trade Julio Jones away for miles sanders and the 1.06??!

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I think I’d only pull the trigger on that deal if your running back core isn’t in great shape or your team in general is in shambles and could use a bit of a rebuild. Julio will be so good for as long as he’s on the field though


Firstly, howdy and welcome @dat_donut_boi

IMHO you definitely make that trade. Sanders had zero roadblocks come his way in the draft, and actually had WR add to the core which should make his job a bit easier. At 1.06 you are in prime rookie WR territory. So you move off a definite stud, but an aging one. Add a soon to be stud RB and pick up a very young high upside WR? This is a smash accept for me.

Just my thoughts, but I hope they help!

hope you’ve already accepted this trade offer as it’s a must accept no matter what your team outlook is. I’d trade Julio for either Sanders OR the 1.06. You’re getting both!!