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Dynasty Trade Grade..Please?


I just traded Russell Wilson and Brandon Cooks to aquire Sammy Watkins and Stefan Diggs. My other quarterbacks are Wentz, Mahomes, Tribisky and Bridgewater. I really needed help at WR as Cooks was basically my number 1. This is a second year league and my WR core didn’t quite pan out like the rest of my team. David Johnson, Super Kamario and CMC on the roster with those young QBs. I have Cooper Kupp and really believe in him, so I felt like I was limiting my positional upside with Cooks on the roster as well. Feel free to give me some feedback on my trade! Thanks everyone.strong text


Very nice. I’d rather have both WR you got than Cooks.


Thanks. I like both guys I got and I’m not a fan of the guys I traded away in real life and that tends to reflect on my fantasy squad’s results I feel like.


I like this trade considering the stable of QBs you have. And also because I can see both Watkins and Diggs outscoring and having more long term upside than Cooks


The value is about the same, but given your other QBs you can easily afford to lose Wilson. Getting back 2 skill players is just great. Diggs should be a steady contributer and Watkins has a lot more upside with Mahomes


Is this a superflex league? If not, you totally robbed the other side so great trade.


Yea, good trade. Filled a hole you had without making yourself weaker in a position.


Not super flex. They were just super thin at the QB position.


I like the WRs you got back, but you have a lot of question marks at QB now. Wentz is coming back from a major injury, Mahomes is unproven, Trubisky looked bad last year but may improve with the coaching change, and Bridgewater…well he’s Bridgewater. I THINK your QBs should be ok, but Wilson is pretty locked into a top 5 QB finish given his excellent rushing ability and lack of weapons. I probably still would have made the trade though. Pray Diggs makes it through the season and he should be a borderline WR1 for you.