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Dynasty Trade Gronk/Big Ben


Just got offered my Gronk, pick 2.12, and pick 3.01 for his jonnu smith, Lamar Miller, Russell Wilson, and his 4.3.

Also got offered my Big Ben for a 2.06 from a different owner.

My dynasty team (that i took over because it was an orphan team) is old and needs rebuilt. Think trading Gronk and Big Ben would be a start in the right direction for this rebuild. Thoughts?


It’s hard to say without seeing how the rest of the roster is constructed but I’d say the Big Ben for a 2.06 is fine if you’re looking to get younger. Big Ben is replaceable off the waiver wire IMO.

The larger trade, you are giving away picks which is counter productive for a rebuild.
But…I’d probably do it as JuJu looks like a stud and Wilson is a stud. I’d try to get a better or younger RB than Miler but otherwise I’d say pull the trigger


Roster currently is

QB: Big Ben, McCown
RB: Lynch, Clement, Martin, Barkley
WR: Fitz, Funchess, Saunders, Ginn, Grant, Albert Wilson, Terrance Williams, Edelman, Mack Hollins
TE: Gronk, Olsen


There’s no way i’d do this trade. You’re giving up a beast in Gronk and higher picks to basically just get Russel Wilson. If it’s Jonnu Smith, like it says, absolutely not. If JuJu Smith-Schuster, than i’d have to reconsider. I’d try and trade Gronk to a contender for some high picks or other depth pieces, and hold on to the picks you already have.


I would not make that Gronk trade. However I agree you should be making deals. Gronk, Olsen, Ben, Fitz, Edelamn, Ginn, Saunders all gots to go!

Once thing I like to remind people about rebuilding is - Know your buying and selling windows. Sell Vets in season, buy in off season. Buy young players in season, sell off season.