Dynasty trade halp!

Was offered lev bell and Godwin (dropable player) for juju and James Conners. Thoughts?

I would take that so fast bell replaces Conner so conners irrelevant and then juju is good but ur still getting godwin don’t overlook him in dynasty with Winston at the helm again.

Edit: basically getting bell and Godwin for juju

I also just made a trade for Keenan Allen. I traded away LeSean and Trey Burton

I mean idk what the rest of ur roster looks like but bell for that asking price is a steal… u have been blessed with a gift hurry up and accept before the guy offering comes back down to earth.

Took it!

QB: Cam Newton
WR1: AJ Green
WR 2: Keenan Allen
RB 1: Zeke
RB 2: Kareem Hunt
TE: Zach Ertz
Flex: Sony Michele (Lev Bell)

Cooper Kupp
Tyler Boyd
Hunter Henry
Mike Williams
Carlos Hyde
Demaryius Thomas
Nelson Agholor
Andy Dalton
2 additional bench spots

But this is for Dynasty? Anybody else worried Conner and Juju are going to be studs from here on out and Bell goes somewhere like the Jets and is mediocre?

Yeah… dynasty seems like an over pay. Redraft… eh… but dynasty I want Conners and JuJu

Ya that’s what I’m thinking too, AB isn’t going to be there forever and JuJu is only 21, and Conner looks like the new #1 after this year at worst. Or Bell gets traded before this season is up. (I have Conner in Dynasty and it’s a confusing position to be in haha).

Lev bell could still stay in Pitt it’s not a given fact he leaves more then likely he does but there’s still a chance then where’s conners value he doesn’t have any… however if bell gets traded he is in his prime and top 2 back in the league u will definitely get the value out of him and Godwin seems to keep building a connection with jameis and is turning into a 1b receiver with it going mike Evans taking off some weeks then godwin taking off the others… juju is great don’t get me wrong but while brown is still there he’s on the back burner… so if u get 4 years out of Bell at elite production which will happen u have plenty of time to rebuild ur team through draft or wait out young rb.

But with Zeke, Hunt, Michel, Conners… was there a need to give up JuJu? Bell is a big ? in dynasty. Destination is what will dictate his value.

U would rather give up another young rb? Lol u just fought Conner was to much… so basically ur saying zeke, Hunt, or Michel was a better option. That makes no since he will find a wideout who will produce for the 4 years he has bell.

No… JuJu and Conners. JuJu is more the sticking point. RB wasn’t a need for this team, just seems an over pay when if Bell goes elsewhere, Conners and Bell could be a wash but no JuJu. The argument isn’t getting Bell, the point was the price.

This is going to be a tough one, but they really seem to like Conner in Pittsburgh and he should undoubtedly have RB1 value for quite awhile, I even think Juju will have WR1 value for a long time too. I think I lean more towards that side, but if you want the bigger name in Bell for a couple years, hard to fight that too!

But the LeSean and Burton for Keenan Allen is robbery! Nice work on that trade!

Bell’s uncertainty for next year and forward is what would make that hard to move 2 young pieces for him. One could argue JuJu was the best dynasty WR on this team. The Allen pick up was solid. Would like this WR core better with JuJu. Curious if this league is standard or PPR? That makes a big difference on player values of those involved too. I’m so used to PPR anymore, I forget there are standard leagues out there. :wink: