Dynasty trade help for a noob

Im new to dynasty and I have recieved offers and aren’t to fluent on values, what trade IF any should i take? png png

If you are more of a rebuilding team I certainly would have accepted the trade giving away Edelman for Goedert plus. If you are competing for a championship right now, I like Edelman for a couple more years. I would not take Thielen and Edwards deal as I like Kerryon and Thielen similarily and Fuller much more than Edwards. If you are very strong at running back I would atke the deal for Watkins and Cooks. I view Watkins higher than Miller and Kerryon similar to Cooks. That one is very close though and I could go either way.

I really don’t like Trade A - get Thielan and Edwards/ give Fuller and Johnson. I much prefer the later side of that deal.

Trade B is ok - get Goodwin and Goedert/ give Edelman.

Trade B C is interesting - get Watkins and Cooks/ give Miller and Johnson. Kerryon might be the best player in the trade so it would no for me.